Jewish Common Room

A New Jewish Home at the University of Surrey

Next Kabbalat Shabbat: Friday 23rd November, 5 pm
Chanukah Celebrations: Sunday, 2nd December
USSU Chanukah Celebrations (at another venue): Tuesday 4th December
The new Jewish Common Room is a place on the Stag Hill campus at the University of Surrey. Part of the tranquil Chaplaincy Centre it is a place to come and chill. The facility is there for lounging, learning, eating, snoozing, schmoozing and eating bagels and donuts.

Equipped with a Kosher microwave and loads of coffee cups it is the perfect place to hang out. In the external courtyard is a water feature and alcoves to sit and relax.

The JCR is in the Quiet Centre (behind the BBC on Stag Hill Campus) or just put Jewish Common Room into Google. 

The office of the University Jewish Chaplain is adjacent to the Common Room as it the rotunda where Friday Night Dinners and Services regularly take place.

We welcome visitors from off campus but please email the J-Soc or Jewish Chaplain in advance.
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  •  Space for Jewish Activities

    Space for Jewish Activities

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    Peace Garden

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    Weekly Jewish Newspapers

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    Place to Meet

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